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The Center Library is located in The Center building at 2626 S. Clearbrook Drive, Arlington Heights, Illinois.  The library collection specializes in ESL materials of interest to educators served by The Center's programs.

Choosing materials

Choosing materials for your program?  We can help.   See our listing of educational publishers, lists of recommended materials, and more for K-12 ESL, ABE/GED, and early childhood.


Ask the librarian
Kim Scannell

What's in your classroom?

Many teachers who visit the library have the same question on their minds: "What materials should I get this year?"   There are many great resources out there, and we try to collect and make available as many as possible.  We regularly get new materials from National Geographic School Publishing, Santillana USA, New Readers Press, and many other publishers.  Teachers routinely use The Center Library to review and compare like materials before making purchasing decisions.  If you've been thinking of getting something new, you are welcome to come in and compare materials.  If you are looking for something that we don't have, let me know; I can try to request it.

I'd love to know what materials you are currently using in your classroom, how you are using them, and what you like about them.  Call or email me anytime, Kim Scannell, kscannell@cntrmail.org, 224-366-8500.


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