Journals in the Library

Below is an alphabetical list of print journals to which The Center Library subscribes. The list shows

  • the journal title
  • the title is a link to the current issue's table of contents on the publisher's website, where available
  • the years of issues The Center Library owns
  • the databases where that journal is indexed  -- OCLC FirstSearch and EBSCO Professional Development Collection (learn more about accessing the databases)

You can browse the table of contents of your favorite journals on the web. Skim or search for articles on topics that interest you, then come to The Center Library to read or photocopy the journal article, or request the article via interlibrary loan at your local public library.

Database name abbreviations:

EdAb = Education Abstracts in OCLC FirstSearch
ECO = Electronic Collections Online in OCLC FirstSearch
ERIC = ERIC, PerA = Periodical Abstracts in OCLC FirstSearch
ArtF = ArticleFirst in OCLC FirstSearch
ConF = ContentsFirst in OCLC FirstSearch
PDC = Professional Development Collection in EBSCO
PDCft = full-text in Professional Development Collection in EBSCO

Click title to see journal's Table of Contents for the current issue, at the journal's website:
(The link does not provide access to the articles; it is merely a table of contents listing. The codes following the title lists vendors where the articles can be accessed.)

Journal of Research and Practice for Adult Literacy, Secondary, and Basic Education, 2012-present, ERIC, PDCft
  (preceded by 2007-2012 Adult Basic Education and Literacy Journal; preceded by 2005-2006 Adult Literacy and Basic Education.)
Adult Education Quarterly, 2005-present, ERIC, ECO
Bilingual Research Journal, 2005-2006, ERIC, PerA
Bilingual Review, 2005-present, ERIC
Book Links, 2005-present, ERIC, ArtF, PDCft
Book List, 2005-present, ERIC, ArtF, PDCft
Education Week , 2012-present, EdAb, PerA, PDCft
Educational Leadership , 2005-present, ERIC, PerA, PDCft
ESL Magazine, 2005-2010, ceased, ERIC
Essential Teacher, 2005-2009, ceased
Focus on Basics , 2005-present
Harvard Educational Letter, 2005-present, PDC
Harvard Educational Review , 2005-present, ERIC, ArtF, PerA, PDC
The Horn Book Magazine, 2005-present, PDCft
The Horn Book Guide, annual, 2005-present
Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 2005-present, ERIC, PerA, PDCft
Language Arts, 2005-present, ERIC, ArtF, PerA, PDC
Language Magazine , 2005-present
Lectura y Vida , 2005-present, ArtF
Multicultural Education, 2005-present, ERIC, ArtF
Phi Delta Kappan, 2005-present, ERIC, ArtF, PerA, PDCft
Reading Research Quarterly, 2000-present, ERIC, ArtF, PDC
The Reading Teacher, 2005-present, ERIC, ArtF, PerA, PDCft
Research in the Teaching of English, 2005-present
Rethinking Schools, 2005-present
TESOL Journal, 2005-present, ERIC, ArtF
TESOL Quarterly, 2005-present, ERIC, ArtF
Voices from the Middle, 2006-present, ERIC
Young Children, 2005-present, ERIC, ArtF, PerA
Zero To Three, 2005-2009, ArtF